Congratulations to Justin Losciale for receiving an Arthritis Society PhD Salary Award

September 13, 2021

Arthritis Society announces 12 new research awards

Osteoarthritis impacts more than four million Canadians and there is no cure. To extinguish the pain of osteoarthritis, we need to prevent it. 

PhD candidate Justin Losciale of the University of British Columbia and Arthritis Research Canada is attempting to do just that as he tests whether a new physiotherapist-guided virtual exercise program called Stop OsteoARthritis (SOAR) can improve knee strength and reduce knee pain in adolescents and young adults following a sports-related knee injury. 

His research is one of a dozen new research training awards announced today by the Arthritis Society, all made possible through donor support. The list of awards includes 10 PhD salary awards and two post-doctoral fellowships, totaling a commitment of nearly $400,000 made possible by the generosity of Arthritis Society donors. 

“Investing in research, especially the work of early-career scientists, is critical to ensuring we have the brightest minds in Canada working towards a better understanding of arthritis, new treatments and, ultimately, a cure,” Dr. Siân Bevan, Chief Science Officer at the Arthritis Society. “Their work will benefit the lives of the six million Canadians living with arthritis.” 

The Arthritis Society awards research funding through a competitive process that draws on the input of scientists, clinicians and people with lived experience of arthritis. This gold-standard peer-review process ensures the best, most scientifically meritorious projects receive the support they need.  

Source: Arthritis Society