Arthritis Society: Top Research Advances of 2021

Research advances from 2021 are transforming the future of arthritis.

Thanks to the generosity and vision of donors and supporters, the Arthritis Society is the leading charity in funding cutting-edge arthritis research across Canada. With this crucial support, innovative minds are answering the most pressing research questions spanning the many types of arthritis. Whether working in the lab, the clinic, or alongside people living with arthritis in their everyday lives, researchers are turning your support into discoveries to relentlessly fight the fire of arthritis.

Research from our lab was chosen as one of the top advances made possible in 2021.

Life After Youth Sport

The finding: Youth who have had a sports-related knee injury are more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis (OA). Researchers found that youth and young adults experience a poorer health-related quality of life – including physical, psychological, and social aspects – even as long as three to 12 years after injury. Those with previous knee injuries who had a more complex injury history, injury type, or knee pain were even more likely to experience poorer outcomes.

The future: Understanding the factors that influence the quality of life of young people with a history of knee injury will help inform knee injury management, rehabilitation, and OA prevention strategies. 

Source: Arthritis Society

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